What Kind of Herptile Do I Want?

  • Am I comfortable handling or feeding live insects? Frozen/thawed rodents or poultry to feed my reptile?

  • Do I want a reptile that stays small? Am I prepared for something larger?

  • What is the largest size enclosure I can accommodate in my current living situation?

  • Do I want an animal that tolerates being handled? Or am I okay with a display only animal?

  • What is my budget? (For lifetime care).

  • What level of cleaning/maintenance am I prepared for?

  • Do I want to co-habitate my reptile? (Hint....This answer should be NO, except in rare scenarios). 

  • Do I want a reptile that eats daily? Weekly? Monthly?

  Proof of Proper Setup

  • ​This includes the appropriate size enclosure, substrate, temperature regulation, humidity, UV lighting if necessary, proper supplements, and enrichment.

​  Completed Adoption Paperwork 

  • Can be provided by JR or printed off the "forms" tab.

  • ​At least two food sources for live feeder insects.

  ​Paid Adoption Fees

  • Varies depending on the reptile, contact us for more details.
  •  We currently have a variety of snakes, lizards, geckos, tortoises, and box turtles  for adoption. ​
  • In an effort to reduce impulsivity, we do not allow same-day adoptions (ie. taking the animal home the same day you express interest). If you are ready for, and are interested in, adopting a specific type of reptile please contact us. 
  • If you have been dreaming of owning a reptile or exotic animal, please send us a message indicating what animal you're dreaming of. We will reach out to you and see if we can make a match!
  • All adoption decisions are made with the animal's best interest at heart. Please use the local resource page to research the husbandry of the animal you are interested in and make a list of questions to ask before you make a commitment to create a forever home for the animal.

Before any adoption is finalized, the adopter MUST have:


 Adopting a reptile from a rescue provides an entirely unique and rewarding experience. Typically, these   resilient little creatures have been through an extensive rehabilitation journey, received specialized care   to address any health or behavioral concerns, and have become a bit more socialized. When welcoming   a rescue reptile into your home, expect a period of adjustment as they acclimate to their new   environment. Don't try to handle them straight away, no matter how tempting it may be! Patience and   gradual introductions are key. Here at Jonathan's Reptiles, we will do our best to provide you with   valuable information on the reptile's background and history, as well as any additional or specific care   requirements they may have. However, YOU will need to be prepared to continue the compassionate   care initiated by J.R, ensuring a safe and enriching home for your new scaley (or slimy) companion. 

 All adoption decisions are made with the animal's best interest at heart, and Jonathan's Reptiles   reserves the right to refuse an adoption of any reptile, amphibian, or exotic to any person we feel is   unqualified or unable to provide the highest level of care and dedication to the animal. We as an   organization do our absolute best to be as transparent as possible regarding each animal's health and   history, and what they will need going forward. 

  Am I Ready To Adopt?

  • Am I in a position where I can provide food, lighting, enclosures, expensive veterinary care, and other various expenses for my reptile's LONG lifespan? Do I have money set aside and saved for this?
  • ​Will I be able to provide the proper size enclosure for my animal as it grows?
  • Would I be okay being bitten, scratched, stung, or tail whipped by my animal?
  • Have I researched the complex husbandry needs of my animal?
  • Do I have a backup plan if I can no longer care for my herptile? If my power or heat goes out?
  • Do I have contact information for an emergency/routine pet sitter or reptile veterinarian?


There is no such thing as a "beginner" reptile, only intermediate and advanced. We can help with the information you need to be ready for your new friend. Here are some questions to ask yourself (or us) when considering adoption: