We are not a pet store, and reserve the right to refuse adoption of any reptile, amphibian, or exotic to any person we do not feel is qualified to provide the highest level of care and dedication to the animal. We put a lot of love, energy, labor, and resources into rehabilitating these amazing critters and they are our priority. 

In an effort to reduce impulsivity, we do not have complete availability lists nor do we allow same-day adoptions (ie. taking the animal home the same day you express interest). If you are ready for, and are interested in, adopting a specific type of reptile please contact us. If we do not currently have one needing adoption, we will add your name to a potential interest list for the future.

You can check out MorphMarket.com for a list of reptile rescues needing qualified forever homes in your area (filter rescues by state) here.

There is no such thing as a "beginner" reptile, only intermediate and advanced. We can help with the information you need to be ready for your new friend. Here are some questions to ask yourself (or us) when considering adoption: 

What Kind of Reptile Do I Want?

  • Am I comfortable handling or feeing live insects or frozen/thawed rodents to my reptile?
  • Do I want a reptile that stays small? Or am I looking for/prepared for something with a large adult size?
  • What is the largest enclosure size I could accommodate in my current living situation?
  • ​​Do I  want a reptile that tolerates being handled? Or am I okay with a display-only animal?
  • Would I prefer an arboreal or terrestrial reptile?
  • What level of cleaning/maintenance am I ready for?
  • What is my budget? *this refers to lifetime care, not adoption fee/purchase price*
  • Can I properly maintain a reptile with high humidity or temperature requirements?
  • Am I okay with providing daily UV lighting for my reptile?
  • Reptiles have different life expectancies. What kind of lifespan do I want for my reptile?
  • Do I want to co-habitate my reptile? (hint...the answer to this should be no)
  • Do I want a reptile that eats daily? weekly?
  • What kind of reptile would I be comfortable being bitten by?

What Kind of Reptile Do I Want?

  • Am I in a position to financially provide food, lighting, enclosures, expensive veterinary care, etc. for my reptile's long life? Do I have money set aside and saved for this?
  • ​​Will I be able to upgrade my reptiles enclosure as it grows, potentially buying a new one several times as needed?
  • ​Would I be okay with being bitten, scratched, stung, or tail whipped by my reptile?
  • ​Have I researched the complex husbandry needs of my reptile?
  • Do I have at least one local food source for my reptile?
  • Who will take care of my reptile with I am away?  (we offer affordable boarding)
  • ​Do I have contact information for an emergency/routine reptile Veterinarian?
  • Is my living situation compatible with reptile ownership?
  • ​Do I have reliable transportation?
  • ​If I move out of state will I be able to take my reptile with me?
  • Is my partner comfortable with my choice of pet?
  • How would I (or my housemates/neighbors) feel if my reptile got loose? How can I  prevent this?
  • ​Am I comfortable cleaning stinky poop?
  • Do I have a backup plan if I can longer care for my reptile? If my power/heat goes out?


Am I Ready to Adopt?

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