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At Jonathan's Reptiles we believe that every animal deserves the highest quality of care. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to provide the research, dedication, medical care, time, and funds that a reptile needs and deserves. Regardless of the reason or circumstance, we are here to help with advice, rehabilitation, and rescue.

Almost all surrendered reptiles that need rehabilitation suffer from conditions that are the direct result of improper husbandry?  

Did you know?

WARNING! Photos of surrendered animals below. Viewer discretion advised.

**Effective May 2022  - Due to a recent influx of surrenders and capacity limitations we are having to place certain species restrictions on incoming surrenders. Please see our Facebook page or contact us for surrender availability.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Call or Text 907-841-7498 to schedule a drop off or pick up.

For emergencies: if you are unable to reach us right away, please indicate emergency in voicemail/text.

Need to Surrender​?