Required for any individuals adopting a reptile, amphibian, or arachnid from Jonathan's Reptiles. This ensures that appropriate information is being provided for adopted animals. To be filled out at final adoption appointment. 


To be completed by any individual or entity surrendering a reptile or exotic. Please inquire about surrender agreement for abandoned animals.

Photo/Video Release

Boarding Paperwork

Required for all reptiles, amphibians, or arachnids for boarding at Jonathan's Reptiles. Separate questionnaire must be filled out for each animal being boarded.

Only one boarding waiver required per owner, per calendar year.

Required for all participants handling animals at any private or public event, party, or field trip. Waivers must be signed by parent or legal guardian for any participant younger than 18 years old. Parents or legal guardians can include more than one child on the same waiver. Waivers are valid for the duration of the calendar year in which is was signed.

**Optional** Select whether you permit photos/videos of participants to be used for marketing purposes only. Opt to have your photos shared with you privately via email or text.

Adoption Paperwork

Surrender Form

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